About Brew Union



The brewpub has traditionally been a hub of communication. It is a gathering place, a place of conversation and celebration. But among all things, the brewpub is place of beer.

It is not Brew Union’s ambition to replace the spirit of the brewpub. Rather, it is our passion and desire to cultivate and increase the expression, education, and gratification of the art of brewing that has led us to establish the Brew Union. The purpose of Brew Union is not to duplicate the character of the brewpub, but to bring its essence to you, wherever you may be. It is our sincere wish that Brew Union can be a place where beer lovers everywhere can unite in our united affinity for great beer.

So come, join us to create a more perfect Brew Union. And while we’re at it, let’s have a beer.


At Brew Union, the spotlight and the focus is around craft beer. Brew Union will take you into the business, world and culture of craft beer. We will take you into the places that brew, sell, and serve craft beer. We will tell their stories and provide an outlet for their news. We want to promote, follow, and cover the social and cultural life that beer produces.

So keep drinking, brewing, and celebrating great beer, and we will chronicle the journey and keep you updated by combining the principals of traditional media with the diversity and variety of new media.

Brew Union is an ongoing conversation and festival of craft beer and the atmosphere a fine craft beer can create.