The BETA version of Brew Union

January 22, 2009 by Dane  
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Brew Union is officially in its BETA.

It has taken a year now to get to this point but we are here. And the view is great.

Beer Union has indeed come a long way from last year and the first beer tour. That first tour really opened our eyes to the culture of craft beer. The impact it had on those who went was immediate and powerful. It was not the fact that we had a lot of great craft beer, it was more about the people we met. Everyone who was involved in anyway with the beer were amazing. That’s not just hyperbole, that is the honest truth. From Augusta Brewing Company to Rahr & Sons Brewing Company to Odell Brewing Company, the people we met had passion and intensity about the beer. It was as refreshing as their beer.

So from here we will keep working. Check out the about page for more information about Brew Union. For now though, know that getting this where we want and have dreamed of is a process and that process takes time. So bear with us while we get kinks kinked out, the proper hands shook and the work flow flowing like it should.

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