Welcome to Brew Union!

January 22, 2009 by Dane  
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final_bu_beta_headerWelcome to Brew Union!

The site is currently under construction. Please excuse our mess as we get things nice and tidy and polished.

We will be adding things each day hopefully, but the finished product (well as close as you can get to “finished”) will be ready sometime…

So if you’re into judging and that kind of thing. Just beware that we have a lot of ins, lot of outs that we need to sure up. We are planning and getting ready to go on the second brew tour (middle of March), so after that we are hoping things will have settled down a bit and things can start shaping up like we want them to.

As we go through this process we’ve called BETA (it just sounds so offical) that doesn’t mean we are not here. We would love to hear from you if you have stumbled across this site from random Google searches, or through other various places we have started to frequent like Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you have ideas, comments, questions or what to know more about the Brew Union contact us via those social networking sites or email us at editor@brewunion.com.

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